Publication Ethics

The ethical policy of Program and Development Research is based on the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) guidelines. For all parties involved in the process of publishing a paper in this journal (i.e. authors, editorial board, and reviewers), it is necessary to agree upon standards of expected ethical behavior. To guarantee high ethical standards, all parties should commit to these standards. For information on this matter in publishing and ethical guidelines please visit

The Publication Ethics in Quarterly Journal of Program & Development Research is based on the ethical principles of Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. Therefore, the authors, editors and executives adhere to the following principles:

A) Executives

- To Prevent conflict of interest

- To Keep the editors Identity confidential

- To Prevent Possible Plagiarism, fraud and dishonesty, While Willing to correct, comment and apologize in certain mistakes

- To not take advantage of unpublished papers for self- interest

B) Editors

- To cooperate with decision - makings regarding the publications

- To keep the submitted papers confidential, and to not use their content for personal interests

- To manage timing as regards decision-making with respect to publishing papers

- To not evaluate those papers submitted by whom the editor has a conflict of interests with

- To not evaluate those papers in which the editor has contributed

C) Authors

- All authors must be in accord as regards the tasks of corresponding author

- The responsibility of obtaining relevant permissions from those institutes that the paper is associated with them, in one way or another, is on the corresponding author

- To name the possible sponsors who support the research

- The corresponding author must make certain of other authors compliance before submitting the paper

- The corresponding author must verify and submit the evidence regarding moral responsibility

- The papers must be submitted in accordance with the journal assigned format

- The paper must have not been published elsewhere in any other form

- The authors will allow all rights as regards the article’s content are submitted to the Journal of Program & Development research.

- The authors will allow the journal staff to edit the paper

- The authors will not use any sort of counterfeit data in their research

- Whenever the authors identify any sort of mistakes in their research, they will inform the journal staff         

 D) Some evidence indicating the violation of publication ethics:

- Plagiarism

- Data manipulation

- Repetitive or synchronous submission

- Dishonestly Including other authors

- Source manipulation

Hamyab software is used to prevent plagiarism.


All material and intellectual rights of each article in the Journal of Program and Development Research, are reserved for that journal, and those authors who intend to publish the article in a collection of articles, or part of a book, must submit a written request, consent Download the publication. 


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