Peer Review Process

Peer review process First stage: The articles will be evaluated by the internal manager within a week to meet the journal guidelines as regards the publication rules provided in journal site. Second Stage: Should the article meet the publication rules, it will be evaluated in terms of content quality and subject relevance by the editor, internal director, and one of the members of editorial board; this stage often takes a week. In these initial stages, the following cases are expected to be considered: 1. The publication rules are observed and implemented. 2. The content must be relevant to the journal scope and subject matters. 3. There must be adequate content enough for readers to understand the authors’ analyses. 4. The research originality of the articles. 5. The research body should be based upon a rich literature. 6. The up-to-date references. 7. The results must be based on data, analyses and logic. 8. Adequate information regarding the data, analyses and samples must be provided. Third Stage: Should the article passed the two mentioned stages, it will be reviewed by two reviewers. The review process is as follows: 1. If two reviewers reject the articles, it will be rejected by the journal. 2. If two reviewers vote for review, or one of the reviewers accepts and the other votes for revision, then the article will be sent back to the corresponding author to be revised. 3. If one of the reviewers accepts the articles or votes for revision and the other rejects it, then the articles will be sent to third reviewer, then the decision is made based on the above phases. 4. The revised article will be sent to one of the reviewers to be checked and evaluated. 5. If accepted, the acceptance letter will be sent to the authors. 6. After some technical and literary editing, the article will be queued to be published in the journal. Attachment #1. The reviewers’ judgement as regards the articles are consultative, the final decision for publishing an article is made by the editorial board. Attachment #2. If the article is not reviewed by an assigned within a month, it will be sent to another reviewer. Attachment #3. The authors must not send the article to another journal for the period of 4 months after submission, meanwhile they can view the review process by visiting the journal site or by contacting the internal director.

type of peer review: Double blind peer review